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Birthday Party Cakes to Rival Your Neighborhood Pinterest Mom

Every detail of your child’s birthday party is important. In fact, planning birthday parties for kids in St. Louis has become a very competitive activity over the recent years. Every parent wants to outdo the next, and so on and so forth. It’s a continuous cycle of being the reigning royalty of birthday party planning. Well, as any good party planning host would know, one of the most important elements is the cake. From the flavor to the decoration, every aspect of the cake needs to be on point. Here are just a few of our favorite cake ideas.

Pizza Lover

You’ll want a piece of this pizza pie cake. People of all ages love pizza and this cake is certainly going to make the biggest pizza enthusiast the happiest person on the planet. You can make the cake a pound cake or regular vanilla to simulate crust. Then, depending on your desired toppings, you can easily find candy to mimic. Swedish fish for anchovies, chocolate balls for meatballs, with a little creativity the options are limitless.

Pirate’s Life

Set sail on the high seas and get ready for plenty of adventures. Your favorite swashbuckling buccaneer will certainly appreciate this slice of their own pirate ship. With the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and fun textures, this cake will be a major crowd pleaser. Chocolates and pretzels are certain to be a winner.


Let your budding fashion designer know that you support their dreams of the living in the lap of luxury with a designer handbag cake. This cake is perfect for a fashion themed or dress up style party. Many of the cake items can be made with rice crispies, tootsie rolls, and marshmallows. The finishing touch is a the chocolate monogram of your child’s initials on the handbag to make it a truly unique design.

If you’re tired of store bought cakes and want to try your hand at dessert making, these are a great start. Many birthday places in St. Louis allow you to bring in your own cakes, so have fun!

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